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There are various types of public transportation available in Korea such as trains, buses, subways and taxis.

Trains are usually used to travel long distances. For more information on the trains you can go to http://www.korail.com/

There are different kinds of buses in Korea such as long distance express buses, regional buses and inner city buses. The subway system in Seoul connects the city to its neighboring cities.

Subway maps are available for free in subway stations. To go on most buses and subways, you must purchase a transportation card, which is available in subway stations or convenience stores. You can always recharge your card if you run out of money. http://www.seoulmetro.co.kr/eng/

Subways in Korea don’t run late at night. If you are stuck in the city, you can always take taxis home. In Korea, there are two kinds of taxis. Regular ones and mobum taxis (usually black cars) which are more expensive.

Big cities like Seoul, Jeju, Busan, Gwangju, Sokcho, Cheongju and Ulsan all have airports.

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