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Koreans use different levels of speech to address people of different age or rank. When talking to someone with a higher rank (such as someone who has worked longer in the school than you have or the Principal) or older age, you must speak in a more formal way. For example, instead of saying ahnyoung (Hi) you should say, ahnyoung ha sae yo.

When you meet a Korean person, he or she may ask a lot of questions that you may find personal. However, this is not considered to be disrespectful. People usually ask these things to determine whether or not they need to address you with the correct level of formality.
Close friends may greet each other by waving their hands and saying hello. However, when people meet an elder, they bow their heads.

The drinking culture in Korea is different too. When an elder offers you a drink, you should hold the glass with two hands while the elder pours the drink and you must turn your head a little to the side while you drink.

It is considered rude to smoke in the presence of elders. If you must smoke, you should first ask to be excused. Smoking is prohibited in most public areas, and there are usually designated areas to smoke in public places.

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